Monday, 17 March 2008

Back from Ghana

Dear readers,

I am now back from Ghana where I spent four months teaching. I have had an amazing time and have met many wonderful people! Ghanaian's are so very hospitable and welcoming - everywhere I went I was greeted with "akwaaba" which means "welcome" in Ghanaian.

I am new to digital photography and have had a lot of fun manipulating the images to create the different effects. This drama session with class 3 I've titled "The Girl with the Red Coat." The idea was inspired from the film "Schindler's List."


Sunday, 11 November 2007

Off to Africa

Dear readers,

I have had a wonderful opportunity to work in Africa. I leave at the end of next week. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to continue blogging, or corresponding with you via email. The village where I will be located is close to the desert and has no electricity, so any electronic method of communication will not be possible.

I will leave the comment moderation on, but will not be around from the 16th of Nov to publish your comments. Any comments left after the 16th will be published on my return, or if I am lucky from an Internet cafe in one of the towns nearest to were I will be staying. Likewise, with emails, please do not send me an email since I will not be able to respond. I should be back in the latter part of February 2008.

My very dear readers, I will miss each and every one of you and hope that the time will pass quickly so that I can be corresponding with you again.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year! To all yea Scots out there I wish you a wonderful Burns Night. Enjoy yer haggis, tatties n' neeps - but go easy on those bevies!! ;-)

All my very best to you,


Monday, 5 November 2007

Several New Blogs

Dear readers,

There are several new blogs I would like to bring to your attention. If at all possible, please take the time to leave an encouraging comment (especially for the new bloggers) it can be a daunting prospect when first starting out when no comments are left. New bloggers can often feel isolated wondering if there is anyone reading their blog, some may even wonder whether it is worth their while carrying on publishing their writing. The best way to support the LDD blogging community is to leave a thoughtful comment wherever possible. This simple act can often mean so much, since it shows that you appreciate the time and effort it has taken them to share their thoughts and experiences with you. Blogging is not always easy and very time consuming...


Longing for Discipline is a very promising site depicting a woman yearning for the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle. N is a UK blogger new to the concept of LDD in her marriage. Married to G her only desire is for G to take his rightful place within their home and spank her…

“I am a thirty-something married woman dreaming of being spanked by my husband.”

Posts include, “Giving up Control,” “Progress on the Spanking Front,” and “Why do I Want to be Spanked”


Sara has only started blogging a couple of months ago yet her blog is already brimming with interesting posts! Sara obviously puts a lot of time and effort into her blog and seems to update every couple of days. This is a very interesting and well written blog, not only about DD but also family life and how the dynamics of DD fits around everyday events.

“I am 50 and married for 22 years. Two years ago Grant and I began a Dd lifestyle, and a journey into further self discovery as well. The purpose of this blog is to have a place to write about issues and ideas that can be publically shared and discussed.”


Cinderella’s latest article on Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together is a well written account about societies needs to readdress the balance from our genderless society. She writes about a return to a society where men and women are free to celebrate their differences, not fight against their natural masculine/feminine genders.

“I'm a 30 year old American girl, living in London. I am unapologetically feminine to the core and hoping to find a male-led relationship based on the principles of Domestic Discipline and Taken in Hand”


Anna Andreyevna’s blog takes us on an exciting journey to a different culture which allows us to perceive Domestic Discipline from a Russian perspective. Reading her blog is like stepping back in time. Anna writes that since the 1500’s a Russian document called “The Domostroi” stipulates how a man should discipline his wife and how he is accountable for his wife’s behaviour in society. Anna’s account portrays an era which is sadly reminiscent of better times, when Western society adhered to the same traditions, where the man was head of his house and family. It is really refreshing to know that there are still cultures in existence today, where society adheres to the traditional role of wife discipline.

Anna is an American woman who has been married to a Russian cop for nearly 20 years.


Lady’s Spanking Blog is a classic, timeless and very feminine portrayal on the art of spanking. It is very tastefully created which includes a multitude of posts written in these categories: "Ancient Art," "Common," "Images Lady," "Just a Cute Girl," "Poetry," "Spanking Art," "Spanking Memories," "Spanking Moments," "Spanking Stories" and "Thoughts About Spanking." Lady’s Spanking Blog looks at the sensuality of spanking as shared with her man Magic. It is well written and portrays some very mild references to BDSM without being in anyway offensive or pornographic. This is truly a delightful read. It is refreshing to find a blog which encapsulates femininity from such an elegant and feminine perspective.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Journalist to Write Article on LDD

I was recently emailed by Clementine Ford, who is a freelance journalist from Australia. She is looking to write an article on the new rise of Domestic Discipline marriages for the Yen magazine.
If there are any readers who would like to be interviewed by her, then please email her at

She would like any interested readers to know that her article will be a completely unbiased view of such relationships. She is looking to provide an awareness and better understanding of the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle.

Friday, 19 October 2007

New Blogs

It is always very unfortunate to see potentially brilliant LDD blogs start up and then frizzle out of existence. Take for example Newlywed Jane I was very excited to read the beginning of her venture. I keep hoping for an update, but so far there has not been one. I cannot help wondering how she is settling into her married life and how she is adjusting to being a lovingly disciplined wife? Blogs such as this are written by real people who come and touch our lives with their joys and struggles along their LDD journey. It is hard not to form connections and truly empathise with their trials and tribulations. Since submission is a very hard task for many women to accomplish, we read the journeys of others in a bid of trying to help us understand our own struggles along the way. Sometimes stronger friendships can be formed, the kind of open and sincere friendships about LDD feelings and aspirations which would not always be possible to share in the outside world.

The first blog I would like to draw your attention to Lovingly Punished has been in hiatus for some time. It is a blog written about a couples LDD journey, from the woman's (as_babe's) perspective. What I find very interesting about the postings in this blog are the very marked masculine/feminine dynamics between as_babe and her HOH. as_babe's HOH has (so far) not written any posts, but his silent authoritative presence is very much acknowledged!

as_babe's quote (from email):

"........we are D/s, (not BDSM--although we do practice some things) and that we utilize many/most elements of DD to add to and reinforce our lifestyle. I don't think I will be including any BDSM specific items to the blog, I don't want people to get the impression that DD or D/s must include BDSM because as you know it doesn't. D/s is how we relate to one another, while DD is what we use to keep things in order, and BDSM is how we sometimes relate sexually, does any of that make sense."

The second blog is a new one called Lisa's Domestic Discipline. It is a blog written for Domestic Disciplined wives where they can share their thoughts and opinions. Pervious posts include "Is Spanking Degrading for the Wives" and "Why do Wives Support Spanking. I am sure that you will agree that this blog shows a lot of promise.

Lisa gave me permission to quote her from a recent email:

"I do not intend to promote DD, because it is not for everyone. However, there are many others who are interested about DD or involved in DD relationship. My intention is to know about their opinion. In a nutshell it is about DD awareness."