Saturday, 20 October 2007

Journalist to Write Article on LDD

I was recently emailed by Clementine Ford, who is a freelance journalist from Australia. She is looking to write an article on the new rise of Domestic Discipline marriages for the Yen magazine.
If there are any readers who would like to be interviewed by her, then please email her at

She would like any interested readers to know that her article will be a completely unbiased view of such relationships. She is looking to provide an awareness and better understanding of the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle.


Anonymous said...
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C's Correction said...

Hi anonymous,

Disclosing "some" information about myself is one thing. Disclosing information (albeit indirectly) about my friends, family or relatives is another thing altogether.

Besides, if you are such a strong advocator to less transparency, why do you post anonymously?



C's Correction said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for getting back in touch. I do appreciate it. Unfortunately, there was no forwarding email address for me to contact you.

Your message is a little too personal for public view. If you would like to privately email me, I will respond to you as best as I can.

My email:

All the best,